Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: Scent Trunk Fragrance Subscription Service

Scent Trunk is a fairly new subscription box that reached out to me to review their service. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity to try this out!

Scent Trunk is a tailored subscription service that sends out 3 niche perfume or cologne samples per month. There is a box for men and women (which is nice), and the fragrances are custom picked, according to your scent profile that you fill out when you sign up.

The idea of this service is to help you find a fragrance that you will not find anywhere else. These are fragrances that you cannot find in stores. These are considered "niche" fragrances that are created in small, handcrafted batches. These scents are typically made with real botanicals and essences rather than the phthalates and synthetic chemicals you typically find in department stores. If you are someone who might be picky about fragrances, or does not want to smell like everyone else, you might enjoy this service.

Here is what I received in my box:

First of all, I give an A+ on presentation. I love the box, the detail, everything that comes with it. I plan on keeping the box and pouch to use for other things, or to simply tote my samples around in. 

(I love the fact that they include these detailed cards with each fragrance. It is really helpful!)

Here are my thoughts on my 3 perfume choices:

  • Frollino Lavanda by PERFUMES BY TERRI - This one might be my favorite. If you read the info card, the description is pretty much SPOT ON. This has to be one of the most unique fragrances I have ever tried! When you first spray it on, it smells like BUTTER. You heard me right, BUTTER. Within a few seconds, the scent transforms into pure lavender. Now, if you know me, I am all about the essential oil life right now, and the lavender in this truly smells like pure lavender. It does not smell synthetic. After a minute or two, the fragrance settles and you legit smell like baked goods. Sweet, buttery, baked goodness. This fragrance is divine. It lasts a pretty good long while on me, too!
  • Ninon by REBEL INTUITIVE - This fragrance is fancy. That is the first word that came to mind after I tried it on. Fancy, a bit earthy and florally. If you are into floral scents, you might love this one. It smells expensive. Not my cup of tea, but I am glad I got to test it out. Like the other one, I have not experienced a fragrance like this one.
  • Safanad by PARFUMES de MARLY - This one might be a tie with my other favorite. I cannot describe how this one smells, but it has a nostalgic scent, like something I wore back in the '90s. I LOVE this one. I know my description of this is not much help...but I can see myself purchasing this. I want it. Now. 

My overall thoughts on this box are this: if you are having a hard time finding your signature scent, or are on a hunt for new and unique scents, this subscription is for you. While I understand that you can get perfume samples for free or super cheap at department stores or in other subscription boxes, these are niche fragrances that you will not find at any store.

The cost is $15 a month, which to me personally, is a little bit pricey. However, Scent Trunk was kind enough to offer my readers a 25% discount on their first box! Just use the code "tiffany25" at checkout. The code is good until July 1, 2015.

If anything, this is a great box to try out just for fun. Who knows, you may end up really enjoying it! 

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