Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Trader Joe's Haul!

Before I share this little grocery "haul" with you, let me make a little disclaimer. I promise we eat more than just carbs. Ha! This was a spontaneous trip to Trader Joe's...after I had already done my regular grocery shopping for the week. Our closest Trader Joe's is about 40 minutes away, so we like to stock up on our favorites while we have the chance. And yes, you will see lots of frozen items. No shame here, folks. Here we go!

  • Spizzico Di Pizza - $2.99
  • Handsome Cut Potato Fries - $1.99
  • Shredded Hash Browns - $1.69
  • Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies - $3.99
  • Chicken Fried Rice - $2.99
  • Mandarin Orange Chicken - $4.99
  • Garlic Potatoes with Parmesan Sauce - $2.99
  • Roasted Corn - $2.49
  • Baconesque White Cheddar Popcorn - $1.99
  • Blueberries and Cream Yogurt Cups - $2.99
  • White Corn Tortilla Chips - $1.79
  • Green Plant Juice - $3.99
  • Pomegranate Limeade - $2.69
  • Watermelon Cucumber Cooler - $3.49
  • Speculoos Cookie Butter - $3.69

Total: $44.75

As you can see, some of these items we purchased on our last trip. They are some of our favorites! We tried a few new things, like the mini pizzas (a new favorite), the green juice (tastes like pineapple and mango), and the popcorn (new guilty pleasure).

Some of these items are cult favorites, like the Cookie Butter and the Mandarin Orange Chicken.

I definitely stocked up on juices this time, which I don't normally do.

The Pomegranate Limeade and the Watermelon Cooler seemed like the perfect summertime drinks, so I had to try them. The Pomegranate Limeade is pretty tangy, you definitely get a lot of lime in this one. I personally have to water it down a tad bit. The Watermelon Cooler is DELICIOUS. I am not a huge cucumber fan, but the cucumber is not overpowering in any way. It has a light, sweet flavor and it is really refreshing. I can see myself repurchasing this one. The Green Plant juice was mainly for my husband, who is the pickiest eater of all time. We have a Nutribullet, and we do make the occasional green drink with that, but I wanted to try this just to have easily available for him. It is actually really good! I know it looks a little scary, but I mainly taste the mango and pineapple in this one. We will probably repurchase.

Oh...and I saw this while I was there:


What do you like to get at Trader Joe's?

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