Friday, September 4, 2015

My First (Official) NatureBox!

I have been interested in NatureBox for a long time now. I recently tried a sampler box and was blown away by the snacks I received! I posted a review on that box, which you can read here. After testing the waters, I decided to take the plunge and order a full size box. Let me just say that I was NOT disappointed.

If you don't know what NatureBox is, it is a monthly subscription service that sends you five full size bags of healthy snacks...and you can choose what you get! They have over 100 snacks to choose from, and so far I have liked just about all of them.

Here's what I got in my box:

One great thing I love about these snacks is that they come in resealable bags, which prolongs the shelf life and makes it easy to take these on the go.

  • Watermelon Mini Stars - These are SO GOOD. They taste like delicious fruit leather...minus the sticky mess. I found myself searching for the watermelon flavor a little bit; I feel like I could taste a few other fruit flavors as well. That being said, these are extremely delicious. This bag was gone pretty fast. 
  • Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops - This is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. They have really great flavor. The only thing I don't like is that they are pretty hard/too crunchy...almost felt like I was going to break a tooth eating them. I have a friend who loves these though so that might not be an issue for everyone.
  • Garlic Plantains - If you are not a fan of plantains, you will still LOVE THESE. These do not taste like plantains. They taste like CHIPS. They also have a strong garlic flavor, so if you don't like garlic, steer clear of these. These are sure to satisfy your cravings for potato chips, and I find that they are more satisfying as well. You don't need to eat many to feel full!
  • Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps - These might be my favorite. As you can see in the picture, these are made with real cheese. They taste exactly like the baked on cheese that is left on the pan after you make something cheesy. You know, that delicious burnt cheese. These were also gone pretty fast. When I say fast, I mean within a week. The great thing about all of these snacks is that it doesn't take much to feel satisfied.
  • Honey Crunch Crisps - If you like honey chicken (you know, the kind you get at a Chinese restaurant) you will LOVE these. That is exactly what these taste like to me. You also get the flavor of the sesame, which is nice. They have a nice crunch to them, and you can see the honey glaze on the outside. These are so yummy.

All in all, NatureBox has been a definite win for me. I decided to cut back on almost all of our store bought snacks and have these delivered instead, which makes up for the cost. The cost is $19.95 a month, and right now they have a deal where you can get your first box for FREE. It is great to have healthy substitutes for my typically unhealthy snack cravings. I give NatureBox an A+!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NatureBox Review

I feel like it's been a while! The past month has been absolutely insane. However, I am ready to get back to blogging...I have SO many things lined up for you all! Stay tuned!

First of all...NatureBox. NatureBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5 full size snacks to your front door. The great thing about NatureBox is that all of their snacks contain wholesome ingredients (no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors) and are nutritionist approved. They have over 100 snacks to choose from, and you can pick your snacks each month or choose to be surprised.

NatureBox has a free trial where you pay $2.00 for shipping, and they send you a pretty hefty sampler box to try out. That is what I will be reviewing here. Check it out!

In the trial box, you do not get to choose what you receive. It is a surprise...which I liked! It came with one full size bag and four snack sized portions.

Here's what I got:

  • Sea Salt Pop Pops - These are half-popped popcorn kernels seasoned with sea salt. At first I thought these would be extremely crunchy and hard on my teeth. However, they were surprisingly light and crispy! I really loved these, and so did my husband. The bag was filled COMPLETELY to the top, which I really appreciated. 
  • Jalapeño Cashews - These were delicious. They were not too over the top spicy, so I ate the whole bag in one sitting (whoops). They were not "dusted" with jalapeño powder, it was almost a baked-in type of thing. You could see the jalapeño coating, but it did not leave dust on your fingers.
  • Masa Crisps - These are basically corn chips with flax seeds. I call these the healthy version of Fritos. They tasted like your typical corn chip. They were pretty yummy, and the added benefit of having some flax in there was a major plus.
  • Cranberry Medley - These are pomegranate and acai flavored dried cranberries with blueberries. These are SO GOOD. I downed this entire bag in record breaking time. These tasted like fruit snacks...not "dried fruit"....FRUIT SNACKS. This will be a permanent snack in my monthly rotation.
  • Sweet Blueberry Almonds - These were alright. The blueberry flavor was not as prominent as I would have liked, but they were still good. There is a light dusting of blueberry flavor on the almonds, but I think the almonds were more prominent than the blueberry flavor. 

(Pictured above: Sea Salt Pop Pops)

All in all, I think this is a great subscription service. It is a fun and easy way to try out and enjoy healthier snack options each month. One thing that I love is that these snacks cannot be found anywhere else...they have so many unique options! I plan on getting this box each month and spending less on my typical less-than-healthy snack choices I get at the grocery store.

The cost is $19.95 per month, but it looks like instead of getting a sampler box right now to test out first, they are currently offering a full size box for free! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Cover Redness

In the past few years I have struggled with facial redness and blotchiness. I'm not sure what triggered it, but it is very annoying to deal with! I envy the people who can leave the house with no makeup on, or "minimal" or "natural" makeup and look great. I have tried that a couple of times, but I will get asked if I have a sunburn or if I am not feeling well....not something I like to hear.

I spent a lot of time trying to find a "quick fix" to cover the redness in the mornings because I was tired of applying layer after layer of makeup. It took up so much time and I would end up looking "cakey" and too made up.

In the past year I have discovered a few products that have literally changed my life! One in particular is so quick and easy that it literally takes seconds.

It Cosmetics has a product called "Celebration Foundation Illumination". It is a FULL COVERAGE powder foundation that illuminates and hydrates all day long. This powder is SO pigmented, that I don't need to use ANYTHING ELSE with it. No green tinted primer, concealer...anything. It hides dark under eye circles along with any discoloration on your face. It leaves a flawless, luminous finish and it literally takes seconds to apply and get a full coverage look.

This has saved me so much time in the mornings! I am not kidding when I say that this is all I need to use. I use my favorite face buffing brush to apply this and it literally takes no time or effort to make it look like you have perfect skin. This foundation also works well with other face products. If you feel like you want a more matte finish, you can apply a powder on top and it will not get cakey at all. This powder works GREAT for dry skin. This is one of the only products I have found where I do not get dry patches throughout the day. It is super hydrating. I would suggest using a setting spray on top to achieve a long lasting finish.

There are other products I like to use on days when I am not in a huge rush to get out the door:

  • Amazing Cosmetics: Amazing Concealer - This concealer is great because you literally only need a tiny drop for your entire face. The tube will last forever because of the high pigment. It does not cake up throughout the day and leaves a flawless, airbrushed finish. This is my favorite concealer at the moment!
  • It Cosmetics: Bye Bye Redness - This is a really unique product to use for facial redness. It is a red neutralizing and color correcting cream that completely cancels out any redness on your face. Like the concealer, you only need a tiny bit. For me, it acts as a foundation and I like to finish it off with my Amazing Concealer for added coverage and highlighting with a powder on top. 
  • Kat Von D: Lock-It Powder Foundation - I like to use this powder foundation, or MAC Studio Fix powder foundation to set my face for complete coverage. This can be used alone or on top of other products for maximum coverage. I personally use this on top of the Bye Bye Redness and Amazing Concealer for a flawless, full coverage, matte look.

I just want to add that I have never had any issues with any of these products caking up or clinging to dry spots, which is something I normally always have issues with, no matter what products I use! 
After years of trial and error with makeup primers, green moisturizers, full coverage foundations, powders, concealers, these products have worked the best for me at covering redness. 

I really hope that these recommendations help you if you are struggling with facial redness. Let me know if you end up trying any of these items and how they work for you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: Scent Trunk Fragrance Subscription Service

Scent Trunk is a fairly new subscription box that reached out to me to review their service. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity to try this out!

Scent Trunk is a tailored subscription service that sends out 3 niche perfume or cologne samples per month. There is a box for men and women (which is nice), and the fragrances are custom picked, according to your scent profile that you fill out when you sign up.

The idea of this service is to help you find a fragrance that you will not find anywhere else. These are fragrances that you cannot find in stores. These are considered "niche" fragrances that are created in small, handcrafted batches. These scents are typically made with real botanicals and essences rather than the phthalates and synthetic chemicals you typically find in department stores. If you are someone who might be picky about fragrances, or does not want to smell like everyone else, you might enjoy this service.

Here is what I received in my box:

First of all, I give an A+ on presentation. I love the box, the detail, everything that comes with it. I plan on keeping the box and pouch to use for other things, or to simply tote my samples around in. 

(I love the fact that they include these detailed cards with each fragrance. It is really helpful!)

Here are my thoughts on my 3 perfume choices:

  • Frollino Lavanda by PERFUMES BY TERRI - This one might be my favorite. If you read the info card, the description is pretty much SPOT ON. This has to be one of the most unique fragrances I have ever tried! When you first spray it on, it smells like BUTTER. You heard me right, BUTTER. Within a few seconds, the scent transforms into pure lavender. Now, if you know me, I am all about the essential oil life right now, and the lavender in this truly smells like pure lavender. It does not smell synthetic. After a minute or two, the fragrance settles and you legit smell like baked goods. Sweet, buttery, baked goodness. This fragrance is divine. It lasts a pretty good long while on me, too!
  • Ninon by REBEL INTUITIVE - This fragrance is fancy. That is the first word that came to mind after I tried it on. Fancy, a bit earthy and florally. If you are into floral scents, you might love this one. It smells expensive. Not my cup of tea, but I am glad I got to test it out. Like the other one, I have not experienced a fragrance like this one.
  • Safanad by PARFUMES de MARLY - This one might be a tie with my other favorite. I cannot describe how this one smells, but it has a nostalgic scent, like something I wore back in the '90s. I LOVE this one. I know my description of this is not much help...but I can see myself purchasing this. I want it. Now. 

My overall thoughts on this box are this: if you are having a hard time finding your signature scent, or are on a hunt for new and unique scents, this subscription is for you. While I understand that you can get perfume samples for free or super cheap at department stores or in other subscription boxes, these are niche fragrances that you will not find at any store.

The cost is $15 a month, which to me personally, is a little bit pricey. However, Scent Trunk was kind enough to offer my readers a 25% discount on their first box! Just use the code "tiffany25" at checkout. The code is good until July 1, 2015.

If anything, this is a great box to try out just for fun. Who knows, you may end up really enjoying it! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Trader Joe's Haul!

Before I share this little grocery "haul" with you, let me make a little disclaimer. I promise we eat more than just carbs. Ha! This was a spontaneous trip to Trader Joe's...after I had already done my regular grocery shopping for the week. Our closest Trader Joe's is about 40 minutes away, so we like to stock up on our favorites while we have the chance. And yes, you will see lots of frozen items. No shame here, folks. Here we go!

  • Spizzico Di Pizza - $2.99
  • Handsome Cut Potato Fries - $1.99
  • Shredded Hash Browns - $1.69
  • Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies - $3.99
  • Chicken Fried Rice - $2.99
  • Mandarin Orange Chicken - $4.99
  • Garlic Potatoes with Parmesan Sauce - $2.99
  • Roasted Corn - $2.49
  • Baconesque White Cheddar Popcorn - $1.99
  • Blueberries and Cream Yogurt Cups - $2.99
  • White Corn Tortilla Chips - $1.79
  • Green Plant Juice - $3.99
  • Pomegranate Limeade - $2.69
  • Watermelon Cucumber Cooler - $3.49
  • Speculoos Cookie Butter - $3.69

Total: $44.75

As you can see, some of these items we purchased on our last trip. They are some of our favorites! We tried a few new things, like the mini pizzas (a new favorite), the green juice (tastes like pineapple and mango), and the popcorn (new guilty pleasure).

Some of these items are cult favorites, like the Cookie Butter and the Mandarin Orange Chicken.

I definitely stocked up on juices this time, which I don't normally do.

The Pomegranate Limeade and the Watermelon Cooler seemed like the perfect summertime drinks, so I had to try them. The Pomegranate Limeade is pretty tangy, you definitely get a lot of lime in this one. I personally have to water it down a tad bit. The Watermelon Cooler is DELICIOUS. I am not a huge cucumber fan, but the cucumber is not overpowering in any way. It has a light, sweet flavor and it is really refreshing. I can see myself repurchasing this one. The Green Plant juice was mainly for my husband, who is the pickiest eater of all time. We have a Nutribullet, and we do make the occasional green drink with that, but I wanted to try this just to have easily available for him. It is actually really good! I know it looks a little scary, but I mainly taste the mango and pineapple in this one. We will probably repurchase.

Oh...and I saw this while I was there:


What do you like to get at Trader Joe's?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap "Straight on Till Morning" 2015 Summer Soap Box

I have heard of Fortune Cookie Soap over the years, and I was aware of their quarterly soap boxes, but I had never tried any of their products. I've seen videos on YouTube, read reviews online, and finally I decided to give it a try. What really pulled the trigger for me was when I saw that the theme for this box was Peter Pan. If you know me, I am a HUGE Disney fan, and I especially love Peter this was a no-brainer for me.

I'm not typically a "summery scents" kinda girl, I'm more of a fall/winter scents type of person. However, let me just say...this box smells SO GOOD. The minute I opened it up, the magical aroma hit me in the face. I love every single product in this box. I can already see myself going back and ordering full sizes of these products once I use them up! I love them that much.

Here's a shot of everything that came in the box!

If this doesn't look like a box full of happiness, I don't know what does. Heck, they even threw in Peter Pan's red feather. At this point I am already sold.

Here's a list and description of the items in the box:

  • Second Star to the Right - Fortune Cookie Soap: Crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of sparkling pomelo, served over iced sugarcane
  • Tink - OCD Hand Sanitizer: Fresh cherries in cream, sprinkled with toasted coconut and a fairy dusting of powdered sugar
  • Lost Boys - Whipped Cream: Golden apricot muddled with fresh white peaches
  • Mermaid Lagoon - Two Phase Perfume Oil: (no scent description on the card, but it smells like sweet/fruity/amazing goodness)
  • Kiss - Lip Balm: Exotic watermelon, juicy pineapple and coconut water, bursting with fresh juices
  • The Boy Who Never Grew Up - Salt Scrub: Tropical margarita served with a salted rim
  • Wendy Bird - Veggie Protein Deodorant: Bright, green apple with a balmy, tropical twist
  • The Captain - Steam Me Up Scotty!: Dewy magnolias and wild berries drenched with fresh cream

As if the scent descriptions aren't tempting enough...wait until you actually SMELL them. 

Alright, so let's go through the unboxing together:

When you get the box, it has a cute little spoiler on the outside.

Look at the card! And the smell....ahhhhh....

And the feather guys...the FEATHER. Look at this presentation. I'm sold.

It comes with a full description of all the products, which I love.

Look at this whipped perfection....(and the smell...oh my)


And this green bottle of sweet and juicy goodness....

Look at this scrubby green goodness.

I love the actual fortune cookie soap with the galaxy theme! The soap is what I think made the box smell so good. I want to take it with me everywhere and never use it...

So basically, this box turned me into a giddy 13 year old, and I have no shame. It is a quarterly box that comes out each season, and the cost is $19.99 per box. I cannot wait for the fall box. Oh! I forgot to mention...every box that you get comes with a $10 off coupon code to use in their online store! Go check out their website and look at all the products and themes! I love it.

Do you subscribe to Fortune Cookie Soap Box? Have you tried any of their products? I would love to hear what you think! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Recipe: Meatballs Over Buttered Noodles

I love my slow cooker. You can make pretty impressive meals with very little effort. That's what I'm all about. Ha! Not really. Well, sometimes.

Let me just say that we LOVE this recipe in my house. My husband is a "meat and potatoes" kinda guy, so this is right up his alley. Comfort food at its best...and it literally could not be easier. Whenever we make this, we always have plenty of leftovers so I like to freeze some and keep some for lunches throughout the week.

I originally found this recipe here a few years ago, and it has been a favorite ever since.

Here we go!


1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of celery soup
1 (10.5 ounce) can condensed French onion soup
1 (8 ounce) container sour cream
3 pounds frozen Italian-style meatballs
1 (16 ounce) package uncooked egg noodles
1/4 cup butter
Salt to taste (for noodles)

I will say that this brand of meatballs were not my favorite (they were BOGO at the time) can use any brand you like!

First you want to mix together the cream of celery soup, french onion soup and sour cream in your slow cooker.

Next, stir in the meatballs. Cook on high for 3-4 hours, stirring occasionally.

When the meatballs have finished cooking, go ahead and boil your noodles according to the directions on the package. Add butter and salt to taste.

That's it! It is such an easy recipe prepare on days where you need something easy, but impressive.
Throw in a salad or a veggie or two, and you've got yourself a meal! Bam.

Let me know if you decide to try this recipe out! I would love to hear how you like it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review: SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes

I have always loved fruity/chewy/sour/tangy candy. This has been a long-time love of mine ever since I was in elementary school. So when Smiley360 gave me the opportunity to test and review this product from SweeTARTS, I was STOKED. They sent me these products for free to test out and give my honest review on, so here it is!

Here's what I received:

First of all...that smaller pack was gone in less than five minutes. Of course I couldn't wait to try these, so I opened them and had one....then two.....and then my husband walked in and had one...or thing I knew, they were gone. Sooooo, when I go to buy more, I will DEFINITELY be purchasing the larger packs. 

The texture and flavor of these are extremely tasty. They have a very soft/non-sticky texture that I appreciate. They do not stick in your teeth at all (which is something I HATE), and you don't feel like you are going to jack up your jaw by chewing them, either. 

I received the flavor "Cherry Punch", which I was very happy about. Those flavors appeal to me very much. I am a huge cherry lover...even the fake/sour/gummy candy version of cherry. The center of the rope has a unique texture...almost like softer version of a SweeTART. It almost seems to melt in your mouth. As for the sour/tart aspect of things, I find it very enjoyable. It is not over-the-top sour, and there is just enough tart to make you crave more. 

Overall, these are extremely tasty and I am 100% going to buy more. I currently have ONE rope left in the larger pack and after writing this review, I need to eat it NOW.

I hope this review was helpful and enjoyable to read. Have you tried these? Let me know what you think!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

How I Get Freebies

Free stuff. Everyone likes free stuff. You know that saying, "If it's free, it's for me"? Well, that is my life motto. Getting free stuff is much easier than you think...once you get the hang of it.

That's what I'm here for.
After many requests over the years, I am here to tell you how to become an expert at getting free stuff in the mail.

First, let me share a picture of a few things I've gotten in the past few weeks:

I know this looks like a lot! But once you start getting the hang of it, this is something that might become the norm for you! Alright, lets begin.

  • - I want to start by mentioning my FAVORITE freebie website. They are my source for many, many freebies. They are a family-run company who tracks freebies Freebies are always on their radar, and they do most of the work for you so that you are not spending every second of the day searching for free offers. They are 100% trustworthy, and I've been following them for a few years now. Go follow them on Facebook! They also have a Facebook group if you really want to stay on top of every single freebie. I have also signed up for their text alerts, which have gotten me those freebies that tend to go really quick!
  • Smiley360 - Smiley360 is a website that sends you free products in return for your review. You take surveys that will put you on "missions" that match your profile. I have completed TONS of missions with Smiley360 and discovered products that I cannot live without! Go sign up's totally free and you get free stuff. Win.
  • BzzAgent - Just like Smiley360, BzzAgent sends out free products for you to review. Go set up a profile and make sure you stay on top of all your surveys. If you don't complete your surveys (and stay on top of them because they add more all the time) then it will be hard to get in on any campaigns. I have gotten SOOO much great stuff through BzzAgent. I think my favorite campaign was for the Starbucks Blonde Roast K-Cups. (full size products, people!) Oh, that's where the Silk Cashew Milk and the Quaker Steel Cut Oats came from in the picture above.
  • Influenster - Influenster is AWESOME. Just like the sites above, you create a profile and stay on top of surveys and such. They send out what they call "Voxboxes" to those who qualify, based on their profile and surveys. (The Dessange hair products pictured above are from Influenster) Here are just a couple of Voxboxes I have received from them in the past:

  • Loreal Consumer Testing - If you think that testing out new makeup, skincare and misc. beauty products is something you would be interested in, go sign up to be a Loreal Consumer Tester. As always, you fill out a profile and they will post pre-qualification tests OFTEN to send out new products to test out. In return for your review on the products, you receive compensation in the mail in the form of BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Yes, you heard that right. The compensation varies depending on the products you test, the amount of time you spend on surveys, etc. The Kiehl's face wash and Lancome eyeliner in the picture above were in a previous compensation package from this program. Make sure you check your account OFTEN (I'm talking several times a day) for any pre-qualifications available for you. Here is another box of goodies they once sent me as compensation:

  • PinchMe - Now, let me first start with a little disclaimer about PinchMe. Most people have a love/hate relationship with this company, including me. The biggest peeve I have with them are their "partners". They will send out e-mails for you to go get more freebies from their "partners", to enter some kind of giveaway, etc. I say, as long as you NEVER really open or read their e-mails, you are good. Go fill out your profile, stay on top of surveys, and they will send you a box of free products to test out. (That's where most of the deluxe samples, coffee samples, lotion samples, body wash samples, etc. are from in the above picture) The other thing with them have to be QUICK. They release them once every month or so, and they go out of stock within a couple of minutes. If PinchMe is something you are interested in trying, create your profile, follow them on Facebook and ignore their e-mails. Haha. Harsh, but true. Sometimes they will add links to your profile for other websites, ignore those too. They can be spammy. Just pay attention to their Facebook page (or Vonbeau) and be ready when the free samples go live.
  • Brand Facebook Pages: Most of the other freebies that you see online are from giveaways on Facebook pages for different brands. Vonbeau usually stays on top of all of the giveaways that happen, so once again I HIGHLY suggest following them on Facebook and joining their Facebook group so you don't miss anything. I enter giveaways constantly, and I have won a few myself, as you can see above! (Those Bumble and Bumble products pictured above are from a giveaway they had on their Facebook page!) It is the easiest and most rewarding way to get free stuff. Sometimes it takes patience, but I have gotten many freebies this way!

So, there are a few sources that I use for getting freebies. I also want to mention a few tips:

  • Create a separate e-mail account for freebies. (To avoid spam and newsletter overload!)
  • Once you start signing up for freebies, give it a few weeks. Don't get discouraged if you don't start seeing mail right away. Some freebies take 6-8 weeks to get to your house, some come sooner. But once they start coming in, you will start seeing things on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis! Just be patient. :)
  • Avoid spammy links and "freebies". Once again, Vonbeau usually filters these out and also posts warnings on fake freebies that may be floating around.
  • Follow a freebie website/tracker. I know I sound like a broken record, but is my favorite.
  • Have fun! Sometimes you miss out on a freebie, and it can be disappointing. Just remember that you are not losing anything since it's free, and there are always more freebies out there for you! 

Alright...I feel like this was extremely long. Haha. I really hope this helps you all get lots of great freebies! Let me know what you get! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Birchbox: April 2015

I have been a Birchbox subscriber off and on for the past few years. I've tried out several other subscription services, and I've decided that the Birchbox points system is just too good to pass up.

If you don't know what Birchbox is, it is a beauty subscription service that sends you a box of at least 5 deluxe beauty samples a month. Sometimes they throw in extras, and sometimes they include a full size product! For $10 a month, it is a really great deal. When you enroll, you fill out a beauty profile, and your boxes are personalized to you.

I especially love it because I am on a tight budget, and it is affordable enough for me to get a little treat each month. It's a lot of fun getting a box every month in the mail! Another reason I love it is because I live in a small town, and there are not many places to go out and shop for many of the brands they include in the boxes. 

As I mentioned earlier, the points system is what sets Birchbox apart from other beauty subscription services. For every sample they include in your box, you have the opportunity to review it on their site. For every review you complete, they reward you with 10 points. 100 points = $10 in the Birchbox shop! They carry TONS of products and you can end up getting many of your wish list items for free! This is another great perk for someone like me, who is on a tight budget.

Here's what I got in this month's box:

As you can see, they include a product card with every box. It gives you a full description of each item in your box, as well as a price for the full size item. I also save these boxes to use for organizers in drawers around the house!

Like what you see? Well, I have some good news! I am having a GIVEAWAY so you can win this exact box! Go check out The Peppermint Heart here on Facebook to enter! Good luck! 

Also, if you want to subscribe to Birchbox, you can do it here.

Here's a peek at what I got last month:

The Cargo blush and the Fekkai hair mask made me jump for joy. Haha.

Have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette: Review

Too Faced is one of my favorite makeup brands. Want to know why? Well, for one, I am a sucker for their packaging. Another reason: COCOA INFUSED MAKEUP. You heard me right. Smells. Like. Chocolate.

The quality of their products are on point, and they have created several favorites of mine that I use on a daily basis and I cannot live without.

Right now I am loving one of their newer eyeshadow palettes - the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar. I received this as a Christmas gift, and I have been using it every day since. I love it that much.

When I saw that they were releasing a contour palette...ahem...a COCOA contour palette, I was sold.
I have become a big fan of contouring in the past couple years, and it seems like everyone is coming out with their own contouring kits and palettes. However, I HAD to try this one because I am such of big fan of their cocoa infused products. I purchased mine at Sephora for $40.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Packaging: A+
Like I said before, I love their packaging. It is well-made and fun to look at.
  • Brush: B
They include a small angled kabuki brush made with their famous "Teddy Bear Hair" bristles. It is really soft and easy to use. The handle is a bit short, but it does a great job once you get the hang of it.
  • Light Cocoa (upper left): B+
This is a great highlight shade. I was hoping that it would be matte, but there is a slight sheen to it. It swatches a bit powdery, but it works great on the face.
  • Medium Cocoa (upper right): A+
This is the PERFECT cool toned, matte contour shade. It creates a flawless, natural looking shadow where you need it. It blends out really well and does not come off patchy at all.
  • Dark Cocoa (lower left): A
This is a warm, matte bronzer that can be used all over the face. It works well with Medium Cocoa, just use a light hand because it is very warm! It has the same flawless consistency as Medium Cocoa.
  • Pop of Light (lower right): C-
As you can can see on the swatch (you can barely see it), this shade is pretty much just glitter. I used it once as a highlight, and it accentuated my pores and made me opposed to giving me that highlight effect. However, this can be used on the eyes, chest, etc. for some added sparkle and it looks great. I think if you are a fan of sparkle, you will like to use this...for purposes other than highlighting. 

Overall, I like this palette. There are a couple of changes that I would have made, but I am happy with it. The powders blend well, they smell great, and they leave a nice finish.