Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dollar Tree Haul & Favorites!

A few years ago, we made a huge life change. We quit our jobs in a big city to move to a small town (where I grew up) and went from working five jobs between the two of us, to working one job to support our family of (now) four.

As you can imagine, we weren't making as much as we were used to! With this new lifestyle, I had to get creative with my shopping habits. I discovered that there was a huge following of the DOLLAR TREE. Now, I remember shopping at the Dollar Tree as a child and teenager, and I had popped in randomly throughout the years to grab little odds and ends. Little did I realize, people were going CRAZY over some of the things they had been finding at the Dollar Tree. I started watching videos on YouTube, and quickly jumped on the bandwagon. And yes, in case it wasn't obvious, everything at the Dollar Tree is one dollar. So if you tend to go overboard, like I did today, it doesn't break the bank....too bad! 

Shopping at the Dollar Tree can be like a treasure hunt. They are constantly changing their inventory, and do not carry the same items for very long. If you see something you like, GRAB IT. If it's something you really like, grab several. Chances are that you will not see that item again. I learned this from watching Dollar Tree videos on YouTube. Some of my favorite videos are hauls and "come with me" Dollar Tree videos. I typically watch videos by DoITOnADime, Clara Slate, Veri Keri, RyMingTahn, and mommylovesgigi.

Anyways, you can find some great things at the Dollar Tree. Here's a haul from today!

I found:
  • Name brand boxes of cereal
  • Wet n Wild makeup remover wipes (they also sell makeup brushes which I HIGHLY recommend)
  • Starkist Tuna in Sweet & Spicy (I just bought these yesterday at the grocery store for $1.43!)
  • Valentines Day Cards (they also had Frozen, Ninja Turtles, Trolls, etc.)
  • Socks (I love the seasonal socks they come out with - great quality)
  • Hand towels
  • Name brand toys (these Paw Patrol toys and My Little Pony blind bags are in high demand, so grab them if you see them)
  • Magnetic to-do lists (I buy these often)
  • Pens
......and much more!

There are some other items I have picked up (or grab when I see them) that are just too good of a deal to pass up. Here are some favorites that I have purchased from the Dollar Tree:

  • Washi Tape! Dollar Tree has its own washi tape! If you do a lot of planning or crafting, you know that buying lots of washi can really start to add up after a while. Dollar Tree washi can sometimes be hard to find, but when you do see some, grab it!

  • Duct Tape is another one that I like to pick up from time to time. They have all kinds of fancy designs that you sometimes may never see again, so if I see a design I like, I grab it. 
  • Brand name bath/soap products are something else I am always on the lookout for. Right now they have all of these Dial hand soaps that normally go for 2 or 3 times more than what I paid for them. These also smell great!

    • Books. Sometimes you can find really nice books at the Dollar Tree. I found this large Southern Living book that normally retails for $25 (the original price was on the back) and I keep it on my coffee table. I sometimes also find really nice hardback cookbooks with prices on the back that range from $20-$30. Always grab those if you see them! 
    • Lately I've been finding these seasonal wooden signs at the Dollar Tree. It's a nice inexpensive way to decorate your home for holidays when you don't have much of a budget to work with!

    Dollar Tree also sells awesome storage bins, baskets and containers for organizing. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are TONS Dollar Tree organization videos on YouTube. It is a great and inexpensive way to get organized for the new year!

    Oh, I want to add though, as excited as you may get to buy anything and everything at the Dollar Tree, do NOT buy the toilet plungers. 
    They are a fail. 
    You're welcome.

    What kind of things have you been finding at your Dollar Tree?

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