Thursday, April 23, 2015

How I Get Freebies

Free stuff. Everyone likes free stuff. You know that saying, "If it's free, it's for me"? Well, that is my life motto. Getting free stuff is much easier than you think...once you get the hang of it.

That's what I'm here for.
After many requests over the years, I am here to tell you how to become an expert at getting free stuff in the mail.

First, let me share a picture of a few things I've gotten in the past few weeks:

I know this looks like a lot! But once you start getting the hang of it, this is something that might become the norm for you! Alright, lets begin.

  • - I want to start by mentioning my FAVORITE freebie website. They are my source for many, many freebies. They are a family-run company who tracks freebies Freebies are always on their radar, and they do most of the work for you so that you are not spending every second of the day searching for free offers. They are 100% trustworthy, and I've been following them for a few years now. Go follow them on Facebook! They also have a Facebook group if you really want to stay on top of every single freebie. I have also signed up for their text alerts, which have gotten me those freebies that tend to go really quick!
  • Smiley360 - Smiley360 is a website that sends you free products in return for your review. You take surveys that will put you on "missions" that match your profile. I have completed TONS of missions with Smiley360 and discovered products that I cannot live without! Go sign up's totally free and you get free stuff. Win.
  • BzzAgent - Just like Smiley360, BzzAgent sends out free products for you to review. Go set up a profile and make sure you stay on top of all your surveys. If you don't complete your surveys (and stay on top of them because they add more all the time) then it will be hard to get in on any campaigns. I have gotten SOOO much great stuff through BzzAgent. I think my favorite campaign was for the Starbucks Blonde Roast K-Cups. (full size products, people!) Oh, that's where the Silk Cashew Milk and the Quaker Steel Cut Oats came from in the picture above.
  • Influenster - Influenster is AWESOME. Just like the sites above, you create a profile and stay on top of surveys and such. They send out what they call "Voxboxes" to those who qualify, based on their profile and surveys. (The Dessange hair products pictured above are from Influenster) Here are just a couple of Voxboxes I have received from them in the past:

  • Loreal Consumer Testing - If you think that testing out new makeup, skincare and misc. beauty products is something you would be interested in, go sign up to be a Loreal Consumer Tester. As always, you fill out a profile and they will post pre-qualification tests OFTEN to send out new products to test out. In return for your review on the products, you receive compensation in the mail in the form of BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Yes, you heard that right. The compensation varies depending on the products you test, the amount of time you spend on surveys, etc. The Kiehl's face wash and Lancome eyeliner in the picture above were in a previous compensation package from this program. Make sure you check your account OFTEN (I'm talking several times a day) for any pre-qualifications available for you. Here is another box of goodies they once sent me as compensation:

  • PinchMe - Now, let me first start with a little disclaimer about PinchMe. Most people have a love/hate relationship with this company, including me. The biggest peeve I have with them are their "partners". They will send out e-mails for you to go get more freebies from their "partners", to enter some kind of giveaway, etc. I say, as long as you NEVER really open or read their e-mails, you are good. Go fill out your profile, stay on top of surveys, and they will send you a box of free products to test out. (That's where most of the deluxe samples, coffee samples, lotion samples, body wash samples, etc. are from in the above picture) The other thing with them have to be QUICK. They release them once every month or so, and they go out of stock within a couple of minutes. If PinchMe is something you are interested in trying, create your profile, follow them on Facebook and ignore their e-mails. Haha. Harsh, but true. Sometimes they will add links to your profile for other websites, ignore those too. They can be spammy. Just pay attention to their Facebook page (or Vonbeau) and be ready when the free samples go live.
  • Brand Facebook Pages: Most of the other freebies that you see online are from giveaways on Facebook pages for different brands. Vonbeau usually stays on top of all of the giveaways that happen, so once again I HIGHLY suggest following them on Facebook and joining their Facebook group so you don't miss anything. I enter giveaways constantly, and I have won a few myself, as you can see above! (Those Bumble and Bumble products pictured above are from a giveaway they had on their Facebook page!) It is the easiest and most rewarding way to get free stuff. Sometimes it takes patience, but I have gotten many freebies this way!

So, there are a few sources that I use for getting freebies. I also want to mention a few tips:

  • Create a separate e-mail account for freebies. (To avoid spam and newsletter overload!)
  • Once you start signing up for freebies, give it a few weeks. Don't get discouraged if you don't start seeing mail right away. Some freebies take 6-8 weeks to get to your house, some come sooner. But once they start coming in, you will start seeing things on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis! Just be patient. :)
  • Avoid spammy links and "freebies". Once again, Vonbeau usually filters these out and also posts warnings on fake freebies that may be floating around.
  • Follow a freebie website/tracker. I know I sound like a broken record, but is my favorite.
  • Have fun! Sometimes you miss out on a freebie, and it can be disappointing. Just remember that you are not losing anything since it's free, and there are always more freebies out there for you! 

Alright...I feel like this was extremely long. Haha. I really hope this helps you all get lots of great freebies! Let me know what you get! 


  1. trish just visit sites like Freebies UK and visit it daily, thats what i do and get loads of stuff x

  2. I have signed up for all of these can you recommend any others